Home in Foreclosure? You still have three choices.

1. Hire an expensive attorney.

2. Sell your home for pennies on the dollar.

3. Let us negotiate with your mortgage company
to formulate an alternative to foreclosure!


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We are aware of the stress your current situation is causing you and the flood of advertisements you are receiving, some of which "guarantee" a quick and easy solution.

To solve this problem, most attorneys and consultants will simply ask you to file a bankruptcy. This, of course, can be effective in stopping the foreclosure but, in most cases, is unnecessary.

Home Savers USA has a different philosophy.

We believe that in a majority of cases a bankruptcy can be avoided by negotiating directly with the mortgage company and formulating an alternative solution to foreclosure. This saves attorney fees, filing fees and other legal costs, and, most importantly, your credit.

Home Savers USA has the experience, knowledge and credibility to help you make the right decision in saving your most important asset - your home.

Home Savers USA is a Dallas, Texas company not affiliated with companies in South Carolina or North Carolina.

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